Suicide Mission

by Shroud

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Improvisational doom-jazz-punk. Originally recorded in 1992, and released in 1993 as a limited edition cassette of 500.
Re-released in 2011 in CD format, and limited to 500 copies.


released January 1, 1993

Robert (bass / noise)
Bevin (guitar / feedback)
Jimmy (drums)
Adel (vocals / samples)



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Shroud Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Sieg Hiel
We begin to sweat war.
The Love-Riot needs assistance for purpose.
Guns fire like chanting machines.
You must choose to learn or lie.
Burn, the fires that muscle hate.
The power of the Church is vocal death.
They gain the mind, but the thoughts are lost.
A child's Reich leaves nothing for the heart.
The fear will kill you,
if our control doesn't.
Track Name: Words of the Lord
You finally speak in the words of the Lord,
but you cannot see your apocalypse coming.
I'm so glad I'm not running!
Hop away.
Your culture still stains.
When the sword swings the fun begins.
If I could only touch you,
I'd probably choke you.
Great God Almighty!
All wisdom hailing Judgment Day.
Judgment Day is hailing all wisdom.
I speak in the words of the Lord.
All fall down!
Track Name: Anti-Me
I scream at the sky,
it seems like it's laughing at me.
I knock down the trees,
it seems that they're growing just to hate me.
I spit in the ocean,
it only waves so it can drown me.
I avoid all the people,
I feel all they want is to torture me.
All you have to do is look around,
and see…
how this world is truly anti-me.
Track Name: 1/2 and 1/2
Stay safe, die young.
Half saint, half whore.
Anti-Christ, Jesus Christ.
No more than words, not actions.
Impeccable intellectualism,
but an overpowering sex drive.
Summer solstice - a proud faith.
Autumn equinox - a change of heart.
Winter solstice - you have a dead mind.
Spring equinox - a sex problem.
Track Name: Manson Prophet
Saturday night.
Nothing better to do.
August 9th 1969, and feeling fine.
Sunday, the very next day…
all's not so quiet on the Western Front.
Death Valley Days.
All hell is to break loose.
They decided to be the Process of the Final Judgment.
This story never had a happy ending.
It's all there,
in black and white.
Helter Skelter!
Track Name: I Think About You
Lyrics are found on pages 140 - 141 of
"Written in Blood; The Criminal Mind and Method"
by Colin Wilson